Yr02, Ep19 :: Karen Gutowsky on Preparing for What's Next

Karen Gutowsky

by This is Design School

“It’s fascinating that we, as designers, those who call themselves designers whatever that may look like today, we do rebel against that, don’t we? We want to say, ‘I don’t want a process. I don’t want a framework.’ But yet, it’s in that framework that allows us to actually go through a pretty hefty abstract {problem} to get through to take an idea all the way through its process to the finish.”

On this episode, Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman, a Professor of Visual Communication Design at Seattle Pacific University, talks about how to prepare students for the next step after graduation beyond the portfolio, how design can remain relevant in a world with increased access to slick looking designs, and balancing teaching visual foundations with a need to arm young designers to think more strategically.

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